Converting Environment.UserName into initials

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Hi Experts,

If the Environment.UserName gives me john.smith how can I get just the initials in upper case? i.e JS

Many Thanks.
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Dim str = Environment.UserName.ToUpper()
Dim tokens = str.Split("."C)
Dim initials = String.Format("{0}{1}", tokens(0)(0), tokens(1)(0))

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You could also do something like:
    Private Function GetInitials() As String
        Dim Initials As String = ""
        Dim values() As String = Environment.UserName.Trim.ToUpper.Split(" .".ToCharArray) ' split on space " " and period "."
        For Each value As String In values
            Initials = Initials & value.Substring(0, 1)
        Return Initials
    End Function

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Cheers guys. Both good methods. I will award the points to sedgwick as he replied first and im sure Idle_Mind wont mind :)

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