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I am learning as I go.....  We are a small company with only me doing the IT management.   Alot I can do as I have learned by "fire".      We had a server offsite to backup our server(s) data. ( of which two are virtual )   We had a consultant at one time that was using the free version of Trilead.  Of course it works okay until you need to retrieve a file.   Or that's what I have found.  You cant "copy" without the paid version.  Before I do any of that, I wanted to see what the experts might recommend for backup software.

But now, the server is needing to be replaced and if I am "starting from scratch, persay" I wanted to see what my options might be so I can review.    I did see information on BackupAssist, which is a about half the cost.

Suggestions would be appreciated.
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We use Symantec BackupExec and it works great. I haven't had any issues backing restoring from a backup yet.
ICT Infranstructure Manager
Use that:

its free, copies from and to network shares, runs on schedule, produces log file + you can enable exclusion list

for serevers  i would use normal windows backup - barebone one without data hdds


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