RAID, 0, 6, or 10

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In database shops, which RAID level is most pervasive.

RAID 0, RAID 5, or RAID 10
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Bill BachPresident and Btrieve Guru
Depends on the requirements:
0: I NEVER see RAID0 in a production environment -- there's no redundancy in this solution.  However, this is the FASTEST solution to consider, if you have other redundancy built in.
5: Very common, but mostly when the "file server administrators" configure the server.  RAID5 is slow on disk writes, which tends to impact performance of databases.  Commonly used at smaller shops where performance doesn't matter as much as cost.
10: The fastest redundant solution, but it costs more because it takes more drives to implement, so it is seen less frequently than RAID5 at smaller shops, but MORE frequently at larger shops where money is less of an object.
Top Expert 2012
RAID 10 is the most common database RAID configuration.

Here is a good article on Oracle DB and RAID usage.

Again RAID 10 is the best for databases
Top Expert 2010
Both RAID10 and RAID6 are common.  The correct answer is what is best for YOUR DATA not what people say by consensus.  Build a RAID1 for index, logs, then build a RAID6 for the data is also a great thing to do.

Most people don't have RAID6 so they will be underrepresented anyway.   The only sure thing is DONT DO A RAID0.

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