OLE embedded objects always close

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Have an access database with embedded acrobat files.  Acrobat opens fine with the embedded files, but closes as soon as any area of the form is selected.  

I want to be able to keep the file open while entering data from it into the form.

Only found two similar instances of this question on the web (both unanswered), but have have not been able to find a solution. The lack of search results is making me wonder if this is so rare that I am missing something obvious????

Thanks in advance for any help.
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AFAIK, the behavior you are experiencing is by design for the  way embedded OLE objects need to be handled.

Because if the huge database bloat caused by OLE objects most p[eople avoid them. instead the only store a link to the file. It is really easy to open the file in the associated program ans still be able to use your Access app.

 I have built a couple of example that show how I handle this:
Document Links
Document Links2
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Here is what I use to link to PDF's...
Very basic...
It uses the Webbrowser control to display the PDFs


thanks guys, these were posted after i left for the day on Monday...won't be back in office to try them until Thurs..please bear with
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Thanks for the replies.  These are both good examples that may be useable in the future, unfortunately the current situation requires embedding (and already has hundreds of embedded files), so it looks like I am stuck with the behavior and can not solve this situation.

For the effort, I am splitting points and marking grade as Good (B) as probelm not solved.  Please let me know if anyone thinks this is not fair.

Thank you.
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Your issue is the want to changed the built in behavior of how an OLE object works. The OLE object is working correctly. The whole point of OLE embedding is to store the object and the application data uses to process the embedded object. When  you want to work with an OLE embedded object it must launch the associated application to handle this file.  That is the the point of using OLE.    

I understand that their is already a lot invested in the choice to use the OLE method.  This is  a common issue inso9ftware development. Switching methods is often the only way to improve software functionality. Access has changed database formats multiple times to be able to improve. Word has changed file formats.  Database applications  have to have table schema changes to improve.  

You can solve your problem by following the unavoidable software improvement method of switching to a different method to do what you want when the current method not longer meets your needs.
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Something else to consider would be switching to the Access 2007-2010 format and using the "attachment" datatype.

1. It stores the data in a compressed format, so the storage size is a lot smaller than OLE data.
2. You can store multiple files *per record*
3. Easier to save the file "Out" of the DB
4. Built in interface to find, then attach the file...
5. None of the "OLE Server" issues that are typically associated with OLE datatypes

(Like the OLE datatype, it is not clear if the Attachment datatype will ever be supported by SQL Server though...)

Finally this always brings up the subject of "linking" to files instead of "Storing" them.
I always lean towards "Linking"...
But this is another topic altogether...



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