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RAID with high battery backed cache

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A previous thread mentioned that while 512MB to 1 GB cache is standard in RAIDs, there are some with as much as 512 GB

Could someone please name me which model RAID has such a high amount of cache (i.e. anything higher than 2 GB battery backed cache)
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For what kind of hardware are you searching this?
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As a raid architect, I can assure you that just throwing more money at cache won't guarantee performance improvement.  In fact, it can sometimes decrease overall performance.  

If you have an I/O model that is bursty and saturates cache then you need to do one of two things:

1. Get more disks or faster disks so that they can keep up with the data.  The extra cache many only give you a few more seconds worth or data anyway so throwing more disks at the problem is a cure, not a bandaid.

2. Use host-based RAID, like solaris & ZFS.  Here, RAM from your O/S is used as cache, and/or you can use a small SSD (32GB is plenty), as cache to a RAID pool.