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Stop Concurrent Active Directory Sessions Server 2008R2

flymv92 used Ask the Experts™
I need a way to stop users from logging into two workstations at once, If they try to log into a second workstation I would like it to log them out of the first they logged into. I know their are tools to do this, but I need to do it for free.
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No easy way built in....yes that is one of the main features people bring up that Netware had that AD doesn't.   There was a limitlogon program but that wasn't great. (don't know if it works in 2008 R2/never tested)  See this question I helped with


Since I helped with that question, I've noticed this application   http://www.isdecisions.com/products/userlock/

I've never tested that so I'm not sure how well it works.