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I need to run a memory test on a machine remotely. What is the best software to use for this?
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There is no such software that would allow you to do that. The problem is that in order to run a memory test the tool must have exclusive control over the memory controller and RAM, so you can't have windows or another OS running, as they wouldn't allow the tool to take control. So all those tools have to be booted to directly.

The easiest option for you is to have someone at the site boot the memtest86+ CD for you This person will also have to tell you the test results. You'll find this tool included on the UBCD:

If it is a newer Windows OS on the PC (Vista, 7, Server 2008 or above), then there should already be a "Windows Memory Test" installed as a boot option. On a PC with such an OS you can Open "Administrative Tools", then select "Memory Diagnostic Tool". When that tool starts you can select to restart the PC to that tool, and it will then reboot and run the test. After the tests have finished Windows should reboot and you can view the results via a taskbar notification.

Servers have further options. Some HP servers have an ILO (Integrated Lights out) option, or Dell has the iDRAC, and on other manufacturers it'll have a different name. Those are usually options you have pay for. If you have such an option then you can boot the server remotely and view the BIOS and startup, and have full control, and then you could also have the CD with the memtest in the drive already and boot to it yourself...

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