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Why doesn't MS Visio insert a hyperlink in my UML drawing?

midfde used Ask the Experts™
I failed with inserting a hyperlink in a innocuous simple UML static diagram. I started with what I do every day in my email and MS Word: <ctrl>+k etc. After "OK" however he mouse  remained displaying hyperlink icon, but no hyperlink in the document can be found. I could not find a way to return mouse pointer to its regular icon -- just arrow. Even after restart the computer, the pointer on this document is “hyperlink”.
I also could not find anything in the documentation that I might not be able to write myself.
Please see the attached image and help. (Please, no “Format c:”,  “Reinstall” Office and or Windows. “Just in case”).
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You have to click on a shape then you can add the hyperlink with ctrl-K,

for instance click on user3.mynet.local it will bring you experts-exchange in the enclosed pdf
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I think you may have attached a hyperlink to the page rather than to an object on the page.

In older versions of Visio, like the one you have, if there is no object selected when you type Ctrl+K, Visio attaches the hyperlink to the page. The end result is the same as what you're seeing -- the cursor shows the hyperlink anywhere on the page.

The remedy is to be sure nothing on the page is selected, type Ctrl+K again to open the hyperlink dialog, then delete the link.

After that, just be sure you select a specific object before you type Ctrl+K.

BTW, newer versions of Visio, do not even open the hyperlink dialog if nothing on the page is selected.


>>select a specific object before you type Ctrl+K.
... and what? Where is it? How can I use it? I just want to insert a hyperlink with display text: "See also:". Is Visio so bad with this that it is doesn't "understand" it?
Thanks, anyway.