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A while back, I created a vacation calendar in Sharepoint.  A simple form of when will you be away, reason you need it off, etc.  When the user submits the form by hitting OK, Sharepoint sends an email to the manager who can then view the request and either approve or deny.  The manager no longer wants this responsibility and has requested I change it to someone else.  I cannot figure out where to make this change.  I have read other posts elsewhere that talk about Sharepoint Designer, but do I have to go through all that trouble to re-direct a form submission to someone else?
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If this was the OOTB Approval workflow you dont need SharePoint Designer.

You can go to the calendar, click Calendar on the Ribbon -> Workflow Settings -> Workflow Settings -> Click the workflow name (probably "Approval" or some such)

Click "Next" Button on that screen, and you see a box with the approver in it.

Approver Box
This could have the Group Name 'Approver' in it, or your bosses name. Change this to who the new approver is (or remove your boss from the Approver group if thats what they require). Job done - no SPD.

If it was a custom workflow, forget the above and boot up SharePoint Designer. ;)


Sorry for the late reply, I was away on a family emergency and did not have time to test the solution until today -- and it worked.  Thank you.

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