Adobe Acrobat 9 closes after message that suite product activation is needed

sneves44 used Ask the Experts™
I get the following message in a pop-up window when I open Adobe Acrobat
"Adobe acrobat was installed as  part of a suite. To enable Adobe Acrobat, please start another component of the suite (such as Adobe Photoshop)"

Even if I do open another product (I have tried all of them including both the 32 and 64 bit versions of Photoshop, Acrobat still closes. All show they have been activated.
I tried to start a repair on Acrobat before the window popped up (there is about a 10 second lag). It theoretically was repaired, but that didn't help this issue.

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?
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I looked at that but it says it is for CS3 and 4. I have CS5. I was a bit hesitant to try it for that reason. I found somewhere online someone had tried it for CS4 and it had had no effect.
Did Acrobat 9 come with your CS5? I have CS5 but had Acrobat 9 by itself already installed. Can you try uninstalling Acrobat and re installing?
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It came with CS5. I looked for a separate install, but couldn't find it. I looked for a repair under control panel/programs and didn't one of those.
I found somewhere an Acrobat expert said I had to uninstall the entire suite and reinstall it, but that seems beyond ridiculous to me.
I am running the license correction program. Here's hoping it fixes acrobat and doesn't break anything else.


I wasn't convinced it wouldn't mess up CS5 as well, but I tested every component and all is well including Acrobat..
Probably should have tried it when I found it, but every who tried it had CS3 or CS4 and many said it didn't work.
So you gave me the push to try it.
Glad it worked! Working with Adobe for the number of years I have, their products are buggy and their fixes usually work on all version no matter what they say. Glad it worked!!

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