Losing printer DNS when VPNing into network. Work arounds?

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So here's the scenario. We're using HP printers for our jobsites (8500 a909g). The are connected to a local network at each trailer. The routers they use on these sites are Wireless Linksys WRT160N V2. We set each printer to a default static IP address. We then add a TCP/IP printer port to print to. However, when we use the scan feature on printer it scan's by name.

When the users use the VPN to get to our network resources they maintain the ability to print, but the ability to scan doesn't work any more. They have to disconnect off the VPN in order for scanning to work. I believe that it's a DNS issue when VPNing. We also do force the local network to be reconized on the jobsites. I'm trying to currently figure out a work around because I think it has more to do wtih HP's software than anything.

Any ideas?
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Why not replace the server name by the ip address in the scan settings?

If that's not the way you want to go, then check out this post:

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What type of VPN software/hardware do you use?

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