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Hi Experts.

I have just setup DFS to help resolve the following issue. We have two sites on one estate which are linked via a 54mb wireless bridge. Some of the filesizes are that large that it is taking ages to open & save documents back to the server in Site A. So to get around this i have set up DFS and now replicate folders between these two servers. This has indeed speeded the remote site up for accessing files locally.  

At the moment though i have manually set their local server in SiteB as the ACTIVE server in the DFS properites tab as it still seems to point across the link to the server in SiteA

I want this to be automatic so it points to the local DFS server whether they are in SiteA or B...

At the moment we all use the same IP Range and i do not distunguish that SiteB is a aditional site in AD Sites & Services.

Am i right in thinking that for this to work i would indeed need to create SiteB as a Site in AD Sites and services, and have them move to a new subnet so that we can distinguish where they are located and what their local DFS server is?

I also have Site C which i want to roll this out to aswell.

Many Thanks
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DFS should work by finding the lowest network cost.  When you see "Active Server" are you checking it from your PC?  Or from theirs?
James HurleyIT Manager


I pushed out a Mapped Network Drive to the \\namespace\share

When you go into this, right mouse click on the folder that is replicated, Properties, DFS the active server on two (out of three) machines were pointing to the wrong server.

This was on their laptops btw.
I would take a look at the properties of the namespace folder you are pointing to inside of DFS Management.  There is a Referrals tab, that you can use to specify how you want them to access targets.  If you go the site route you could then exclude targets outside of the client's site.

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