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I have a two way transitive trust setup between our 2 forests on 2008 AD. Can't access shares.

lanman777 used Ask the Experts™
I have a two way transitive trust setup between our 2 forests on AD. We already have users on forest A accessing files on forest B in shares located on forest B.
I created a new Security Group - Global, on forest A and added a user to it. I then created Domain Local Security group on forest B and assigned my Security Group - Global from forest A to it and then gave the group full permissions to the share I am working with on forest B.
But the user in the group on forest A is still not able to access files on the share in forest B, says they don't have permissions.
The thing is, we already have several of these working just fine for other shares users on forest A are already accessing other shares on forest B!
Can't seem to see any difference in how things are setup??
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As it sounds like you have done it correctly I will ask the cheeky obvious, have you double checked the share permissions to make sure they have R/W rather than just Read, rather than the NTFS?


I applied the share permissions directly to the folder, however this is a NetApp NAS!
Within the NAS I had to apply permission from within the NAS software as well, forgot about that!