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Hello All,

I've developed a website in visual web developer c# and used the login tool which automatically created a local database.  Now I'm at the point in my project where I want to have database on my godaddy webhost instead of locally and I'm running into some difficulty.  The problem lies in the fact that I do not understand the concepts behind this stage in my project.  From my research I have the following idea on how this is supposed to work... I was hoping someone could see if I'm understanding things correctly and if not point me in the right direction.

Here is what I think so far.

1. Godaddy will not simply let me transfer over this database from my local to web host.
          I need to login to godaddy.. and choose CREATE SQL SERVER database.
          This part I have completed and given name and password.

2.  Now I'm guessing I have to have the database structure the same locally, and on the newly created db on webhost.  I downloaded SQL management studio, and attached my local database to the studio successfully.  Now, also in studio I was able to connect to the new godaddy database.  So now I have them both connected in the studio.  Then I right clicked on the local database and hit Generate Scripts.  And it brings up the screen of scripts.  Now I have no idea what I'm looking at, but if I had to guess this is the creation and structure of the local database.  I copied this screen.

Now I went into the godaddy database, and clicked query, pasted this code.  And hit execute.  

This part fails due to permissioning problems all over the place.

Am I even on the right path here or am I mis-understanding what I'm doing.  And if I am on the right path am I missing some type of step?

Thanks so much, I know this is a lot of info.

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I've never thought of this before, but what if you "tricked" the system by "restoring" into godaddy from a backup created on your local machine. They usually don't allow it but the do have one specific procedure through which they let you do it:

I haven't tried this myself, but it may be worth the shot.
thank you, your article helped me although I did venture out a bit.  From inside sql server managerment studio I linked to both databases, then did import/export.  The only catch was I had to delete items on the godaddy created server before the import worked successfully. Don't know why.. maybe some columns were similar and it was interferring.  Either way thanks for the assistance.

Glad to be of assistance.


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