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When a user opens an Excel file from a LAN, they experience slowdown.  This only happens with Excel files, all other files open normally, internet browsing is fine and the performance of the PC is good.

When opening an Excel file on the network, the document opens very slowly.  When opening more than 1 file, PC will run very sluggish and occasionally crash.

File in question is around 5MB in size.
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That is a big Excel file, the slowness can be attributed to the PC LAN connection speed, the speed of the file server (CPU/MEMORY ETC). When you large a file on a share it actually opens on the file server causing resource utilization on the server and is pulled to the PC, taking up bandwidth. How much memory is in the PC?
Are there any lookups in the excel files

I would suggest you create a simple excel file using text only (no calculations or lookups) and see if the problem is replicated

If it is then copy and past the text into word and try it again, if not you have an issue with the spreadsheet

Let me know which one it is
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You do not say which versino of Excel. There is a Microsoft Note for Excel 2003 but that may not apply to you.


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Also, you may check your antivirus settings. The AV may me checking the file when you open it, which, if it's that big, could slow things down. Try opening the file with the AV off on the workstation and see if things go faster.
I have seen similar things happen with Excel files that were corrupted.  It wasn't obvious.  So, trying a new, simple Excel file is a good idea.

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