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I need some help as my VoIP knowledge is very limited. I just talked to a Cisco reseller for a Cisco 2901 router for voice and I am a bit confused about the call controller concept. I have 3 sites and a couple of analog devices connected to the router. So I guess the router is considered as the gateway. The parts that I got as the following:
- Cisco 2901
- 1 PVDM3
- 1 VIC3-2FXS
- 1 VIC2-2FXO

My client is planning to use the dial-peer pots for the analog devices and dial-peer VoIP to connect to the remote site. My ISP will give me a 9mb ethernet hand-off to their MPLS cloud. The part that I am confused about is the rep said that the Cisco parts above will just allow VoIP traffic to go through and I will need a call controller to manage the dial plan. I thought that if I configured the dial-peer, this should take care of the dialing and the DSP will take care of the coding/decoding.
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The hardware you listed enables you to do the following:
- connect 2 analog telephones to the router
- connect 2 external POTS phone lines to the router
- convert between analog and H.323/SIP/<other_voip_protocol>

Using the router as an analog-to-analog gateway seems like a bit of overkill.
If you want to use it as an analog-to-voip gateway, that's okay, but you need to terminate that voip line somewhere. You can install your own Cisco Callmanager, or buy a SIP trunk from a provider, or at least place a similar router in another office, so you can call between the offices.

What equipment does your client have in place in the main and remote offices, and what user requirements do they have? (like: the calls between the offices should be voip, so they are free-of-charge, everything elso goes out on the POTS line).


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