Improve the signal strength of Wifi card in PC located in a  poor location

John Goodger
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I have a Wireless PCI card fitted in a Windows 7 PC and the Router is located in another room. A The WiFi signal is weak.
The PC tower is located with the PCI card small aerial at the back of the PC in a cupboard and  this is making the aerial inefficient due to being "hidden" in a wooden cupboard.
 I am looking for a solution to improve the signal strength BUT without moving any of the equipment.
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This is for a home user?
We use these devices to distribute network throughout house, they are referred t oas Homeplug devices...they plug into your normal power sockets in house - 1 at the router and 1 at teh pc you need internet access from

Very easy to setup and use

As for increasing the wireless signal you could always get an external aerial with a cable attached so that it allows you to remove the existing aerial from the PCI card and put this in place, then place the aerial outside the cupboard
An external antenna would be my initial suggestion. You can find a large selection and cable lengths. Make sure you match the connector size that your current antenna uses.

Actually I solved the problem myself after a bit more thhought!
I purchased a Netgear USB Wireless WiFi adaptor and plugged it into the computer with a long USB lead - allowing me to position the adaptor in the best signal strength position.

Thanks to all who offered solutions,,,,,,,
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An inexpensive and effective solution.

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