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I noticed our users in active directory have the  SBS_LOGIN_SCRIPT launching for them when looking at their account information.

So I found it under: C:\Windows\sysvol\domain\scripts

The only thing that it has on it's script is:
\\OUR OLD SERVER NAME\Clients\Setup\setup.exe /s OUR OLD SERVER NAME

We did migrate our domain over from Server 2003 to 2008. The server name in there is actually the old server name...but we used DNS to point it to our new server name.

So I'm just curious what the heck this is?

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The login script is meant to run a series of automated tasks assigned by the administrator for each user.
You need to make the changes manually in that script. You might be mapping the shared drives to the SBS users or there could be some network printers which are being mapped for the users. The sysvol was replicated to the new server at the time of migration but the changes have to be done manually in script. You can do Find all and replace all with the new server name but for that you may need fulfill the pre-requisites of the script.

Please go ahead and check if the shares are available on the server and all the information is fulfilled than go ahead and change the name to the server by removing the old server name inside the script.

Let us know.

Good Luck..!!
Removing old logon scripts is part of the typical migration procedure. You may have missed that step while migrating.
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That's right. If you want to use the script than you must follow the steps of migration from SBS 2003 to SBS 2008 or 2011 diligently. There are many open books and links available where you can follow the Step-by-Step procedure to get the work done in a smarter way and with ZERO percent failure chances.


The migration was actually done by a third party company about 4 months ago. I set everyone's shared drives, printers, etc via group policy and is working just fine.

So it looks like they forgot to delete this script? Being that everything is running fine right now, can I delete this script?
If that is not being used by any end client to map any devices or drives then you can remove the script. Read the script (open this in Notepad) before removing it. That's what I suggest.


Well in notepad it just states this:

\\OUR OLD SERVER NAME\Clients\Setup\setup.exe /s OUR OLD SERVER NAME

That's it..

 Any idea based off this and the information I provided before? I'm not exactly sure what the setup.exe does as specified in the script.
You can run the Setup.exe manually and see what it calls up, what batch file. It will call some batch which must be present under Sysvol folder under scripts. If you want test with, you can open the sysvol folder and run the Setup.exe and see what drives are mapped or whatever batch files it calls up for the functions.

If it throws an error then find out what it says.
Are you even able to browse to that path? If you can't, then just delete the script since it obviously doesn't do anything.


Ah your right kinecsys, I just put in that path, and it doesn't exist.

Looks like I'll have to also go to each user because they all have this in their user profile:


So, did it all work out?


Thanks for the help everyone, I simply deleted it, and everything worked out fine!

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