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I have an aggregate query in access. When viewing the query in datasheet view, it does not group by a specific column (which does not even appear). Rather, I have two separate calculated fields that contain iifs based on that field, and show the sum of that value. However, in my continuous form that is based on that query, I get two lines, one for each possible value of my field. Why is that, and how can I fix it?

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what is the record source of your form?

upload a  copy of the db..(remove sensitive info)
"I have an aggregate query in access"

Is this actually a Crosstab query rather than a simple Totals query?

That could produce the results you see in the form?


'Select' and 'Totals' are selected on top.

Here is my query:
SELECT Personnel.Username, Sum(IIf([copywriter]='DB',1,0)) AS PendingDB, Sum(IIf([copywriter]='ES',1,0)) AS PendingES
FROM Personnel INNER JOIN [CatWeb Work] ON Personnel.PersonID = [CatWeb Work].ProdSpecialist
WHERE ((([CatWeb Work].[Copy Recd])=False) AND (([CatWeb Work].ProdSpecialist) Is Not Null) AND (([CatWeb Work].[Copy Req])=Yes) AND (([CatWeb Work].status)<>"canceled"))
GROUP BY Personnel.Username;

See attached sample database file.
The form works fine here.  Records are exactly as expected.


Funny - it works fine on my end too now. Don't know what did it, but glad it's resolved!
Thanks for your help.

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