Problem with updating a table on iSeries from Access Query

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Hi everyone, I'm currently trying to update fields on an iSeries table within Microsoft Access.  I currently have an ODBC connection setup to the iSeries, but when I attempt to update the fields I get the error in the attached screenshot.

Has anyone seen this before, or have any suggestions as to what I'm doing wrong?

Thank you in advance.
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I was able to figure it out.  Here's what I needed to do:

Assuming you are looking at your DSN in the ODBC Manager applet within
Control Panel...

Select your DSN and press the [ Configure ] button.

On the "Server" tab press the [ Advanced ] button.

For the "Commit Mode" there will be a few choices. You want "Commit
immediate (*NONE)".

I got this information from this site:

Worked like a charm after that.


I was able to figure it out after doing some research on the internet.

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