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I am using single domain, "mydomain.com", and have 7 WAN sites using the domain.  In each site I have a DC, a GC, WINS server and DNS server.

Each DNS server is it's own SOA and all are set to replicate to ALL Domain Controllers in the forest/domain.

Some DNS "A" records seem to disappear sporadically but my Alias "C" records do not.  Knowing this I assume the dynamic updates are occurring in other sites not responsible for the "A" record and replicating the to other servers in the domain.

What are the basic configuration steps do I need to perform to correct the "Phantom" record removal?
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The time (thankfully, only seen this behavior once) I saw this it was due to AD database corruption on one of the domain controllers - as part of the Windows 2008 recovery rocess it wiped the ntds.dit file and started replication, which blew away all DNS settings.

I'd check the system logs on each DC for any active directory errors first to see if that's the issue.


I turned off scaveging and it seems to be working.

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