Remove permission inheritance from hundreds of subfolders

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I have a folder full of hundreds of sub folders.  The parent folder has one set of permissions that we would like to keep and then we would like to customize the sub folder permissions as needed over time.  In order to arrange for this, I need to break inheritance for all of the sub folders under the parent.  Going into the advanced permissions setting on each sub folder is extremely time intensive and inefficient.  Looking for a convenient way to batch this or a command that will allow me to handle this much more efficiently.  Any suggestions?

Windows 2008 R2 file server, Windows 7 Pro clients.  Thanks!!

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You can use Icacls

        e - enables inheritance
        d - disables inheritance and copy the ACEs
        r - remove all inherited ACEs


Right you are sir!

This command did it:
C:\Users\admin> icacls q:\parent\*.* /inheritence:d

Many thanks!

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