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I'm using Flexigrid (http://www.flexigrid.info/) and have apparently painted myself into a corner.

It apparently doesn't do hierarchical display (just 2 levels are all I need).  I was thinking it did.

So I guess I'm in the hunt for an easy-to-use hierarchical jQuery datagrid.  

o  Prefer it be able to take an HTML table (probably 2 in this case) and convert it/them on the fly.  (Flexigrid will do this with a single table).

You know of such a thing?

If you know something about Flexigrid that I don't--like it does do hierarchical, it just isn't documented--then that would be great.
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you may use CSS to hide some level by default and unhide them when you click somewhere.
JQGrid has a great hierarchical datagrid.
I actually use CompleteGridView, it's an older open-source project and hasn't been updated for awhile but it does exactly what I need it to do.

This video shows you how to drill-down into each row in your GridView:


Thanks.  I got impatient before you guys answered and started rolling my own (blending my own code with Flexigrid), but now I really wish I hadn't jumped the gun.

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