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We have a strange issue that we can't resolve. One of our employees managed to change all of her file extensions to .lnk and we can't figure out how to change it back to a default.

The computer is a Windows 7 32 bit machine. We reloaded the machine last Friday, but it is apparently associated with her profile because as soon as I added her as a user and logged in it was still there.

I have read and tried a few suggestions about regedits and changing Default Programs settings but have not found anything that worked.

tldr - employee changed all her programs and icons to a .lnk extension, how can I reset everything back to normal? Thank you.
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jcoseo--A System Restore to a time before this started might have fixed things, but since you have "reloaded" it may be too late.  No harm in trying.
You also could try right clicking on a file, then Properties and the Previous Version tab.
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Fixed the issue like a champ. Thank you.

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