Implementing DFS in our environment

Cole Schmidt
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Our Department is looking to implement Distributed Filesystem.

We have a few questions about the behaviour of this setup.

First, we have multiple sites, one here in the States, and one in Germany...

I am wondering how it will work, if multiple users have the same file open...  will it behave like it does with a normal file share (Asking if you want to open read-only or notify)

Also, is there anything we should know beforehand?  Any caveats?

Thank you all, thanks for reading.  Please don;t hesitate to ask more ?'s if more info desired.
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If you implement DFS you will get benefit of replication of data to multiple sites with same share name in all sites.

by above i mean.. if some in states office browse like \\domainname\share_name they will go to local server to browse the DFS share folder and even from Germany office if the user put \\domainname\Share_name they will be pointed to local DFS server share.

your 2nd question is about opening of files. it will just allow 2 users in read/edit mode (one in each site)and additional user in the site will get the prompt of Read only.

--will it benefit you...No as the user who saved the document last will be replicated to the other side and if some other user worked on the same file will loose all the work...

Hope this helps..
Cole SchmidtSystems Administrator


Thanks guys.

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