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Dynamic SQL for ORACLE

Evan Cutler
Evan Cutler used Ask the Experts™
Greetings EE Gods...

I am in need of some SQL help:

I have a list of indicator columns spread throughout 47 tables...
I can find them using the below select statement:

select 'select distinct ' || COLUMN_NAME || ' from ' || TABLE_NAME ||';' from ALL_TAB_COLUMNS where COLUMN_NAME ='ATCHMNT_IND' and OWNER = 'AABASE';

now, this gives me a recordset output that gives me a list of select queries to run.
What I need is to have them all run consecutively where a single output recordset can be achieved without adding tables to the schema.

Here's the output I'm looking for:
TABLE1              IND1                       YES
TABLE1              IND1                       No
TABLE1              IND1                       3
TABLE1              IND2                       J
TABLE1              IND2                       No
TABLE2              IND1                       12


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try this...

S ELECT c.table_name, c.column_name, x.VALUE
  FROM all_tab_columns c,
           PASSING DBMS_XMLGEN.getxmltype(
                       'select distinct ' || c.column_name || ' X from ' || c.table_name)
           COLUMNS VALUE VARCHAR2(4000) PATH '/X') x
 WHERE c.column_name = 'ATCHMNT_IND' AND c.owner = 'AABASE';
Evan CutlerVolunteer Chief Information Officer


You are a GodSend...
what is XMLTABLE?????
and why is it used here?
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xmltable is a function that allows you to query an xmltype value as if it were a table or view.

dbms_xmlgen executes the query you are generating to create the xmltype value.