hosting company does not support cron jobs...

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I have a php application that I have running on a hosting company's server ( Ipage). I need a PHP script to be run every couple of days but it looks like my hosting company does not support cron jobs. Can someone let me know if there is any work around this issue? Thanks for the help.

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Why not switch providers?  cron is a pretty basic need.  Also, I did a quick search on ipage and found this...

not sure if it is real or reliable info.  I use resellerzoom (a division of hostingzoom) and like them.  There are others on here that can suggest other reputable and full-featured hosting companies.
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Switching providers was the first thing I thought of.  I don't usually use the same company for both hosting and domain registration.  That avoids the kind of problems you can have with some companies refusing to release your domain name.
My best advice, as the others have said, dump this hosting company and find a good one.

I use .  They have very inexpensive packages (pairLite, for example) and the best service I can even imagine.


Thank you.

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