What Setting in IIS Would Cause Authentications to Be Redirected

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I am new to web developing, and I am troubleshooting a website that is having se veral of the links redirect a user that is logged into a site back to a logon page. A sample section for one of several links on the site behaving this way is listed below from the web.config file. I have allowed access to all users for the page on the site and the site works as expected. When the user first must login to the signin page and then attempts to navigate to a page on the site, they are prompted again to login as if they are not logged into the site. Is there an IIS setting that would reset an SSL connection back to HTTP? Or is there a setting in IIS that would force all users, even when the web.config Deny Users setting is set to "?" to have to login over and over again after they have gone through the sign in process and navigate to another page on the site? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

<!--Sample code that is for one of the pages on the site having the issue-->
	<location path="member/support/healthshare.aspx">
				<deny users="?"/>

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just check if the page the user is trying to navigate after log in has errors or if there is some redirect happening there.

I don't think it has anything to do with any of your configuration settings....
If there was an issue in configuration settings, then log in page will also display the same behavior....



I did check the logs and there appears to be 302 error on the page. From researching on the internet, I found that the error 302 was stating that the file is cached. Could you clarify what it would mean to have a 302 error. (I am referencing the link HTTP 302 error technical definition. Thanks in advance for your help.

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