How to create table from text file SQL Server 2005 Express

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I have about 4 text files that contain data (comma delimited), and would like to transform them into Tables in SQL Server 2005 Express.  
Does SQL server 2005 EXPRESS have this funcionality?
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google for
sql server bulk insert


can you tell me the command if you know it by experience?
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There are two ways to do this -- and I've tended to use BULK INSERT:

BULK INSERT <import.tablename> from '<>'

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As momi_sabag says, there is a goodly amount of information available if you search, but I'd start here.

When I've done imports in this way, I end up with one long string record per line of text, and I then run that table through other functions to break it into the fields in need.  (I've also been fortunate that my recent projects have been fixed length records.)

You'll likely need to break your comma separated values out, once you've imported them to a temporary holding table.  A couple seconds of googling reveals these suggestions:

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