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I've run across several websites that fail to resolve correctly and believe it's a DNS issue.  All clients currently point to an internal DNS server but if I temporarily change the client DNS to a public address, such as, these websites resolve fine.  What might be the problem with the internal DNS server the client is pointing to?  What kind of configuration should it need to have?
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Are your forwarders configured correctly?
What's the DNS server are you using? (Win,Linux,BSD, hardware(router))
Without more info it's very difficult to troubleshoot this.
Try adding more forwarders to your local DNS server like ISP DNS servers and/or is a good fallback forwarder.
start-> run -> cmd

post output here.
You can find this at:

dnsmgmt.msc -> Right click on your server name -> Properties -> Forwarders

For my home network, I have the gateway acting as my forwarder.
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I was wondering if it might be a forwarder issue.  There are currently no forwarders configured.  Should the forwarder point to the ISP's DNS address?
You're on track now.

Are the public DNS values that you tested with the same as the ones that you are using within your firewall?  If not, it is possible that the ISP (or DNS provider) is having issues with their routing servers.
check the  Forwarding of your DNS server to pointing to Valid external DNS server.
If it is setup for forwarding then Check external DNS server by nslookup if it is working fine..
Please check below link how to setup the DNS forwarding for external servers...
Forwarders should always be pointing to a secondary DNS server, in your case your ISPs DNS server, the closer the better performance, you also can use dns servers from http://www.opendns.com/, IP address:,

Good Luck. :)


I've added my ISP's DNS addresses as forwarders and it seems to work fine now.  

This may be a silly question but if there were no forwarders configured, how were ANY sites resolving?  Most sites were fine, only a few were giving us trouble.
The DNS servers were using root hints.

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