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Server no users

Carpe--Diem used Ask the Experts™
I have 3 identical citrix server, the applications are available and installed on each however 2 of them never get any users, they are all on the server 1. any ideas?

the users log in via the web interface.
Its been a few years since i have managed a citrix farm, i am not even sure what version I have.
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possible the server without users has some problems (licensing, different edition, ...)
try qfarm /load
all servers should report load less than 10.000
best post the out putput

also check if the applications published on all servers.


I will do that once in office.

All apps are published, and its all the same version. I am sure it was working last week. However i only just took them over so not 100% sure. I also changed all the ip address of ever servers on site. So the might have done something.
After you change the IP address, you need to stop the IMA service and execute
dsmaint recreatelhc
from the command line.  Then restart IMA.  This recreates the local host cache so the data collector gets the updated IP etc.


thank you. After a reboot to fix the AV software it all started working again. So i think it was the IMA service.