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I'm trying to add a check box to the image I'm working with.  Do I have to pull an image in from somewhere else or does CS5 have an inventory of images I can pull from?

If CS5 has an inventory, how do I access it?
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Yes and No. Photoshop does not have an image library the same was as programs like Coral Draw does, but it does have a rudimentary set of vector shapes that you can use for various purposes.

The Shape Tool is located right under the Direct Select Tool (the hollow arrow tool right under the Type Tool) The default setting for the shape tool is the rectangle. If you pull out the fly-out box, the very bottom selection will be the Custom Shape Tool, or you can select any shape tool, and select Custom Shape Tool from the overhead toolbar.

With the Custom Shape Tool selected, in the toolbar at the top of the screen you will see a window that says "Shape:". Next to it is a pull down box will all of the custom shapes that Photoshop has available.

You can use any of these shapes, or you can import a check box image, or you can also use a dingbat font such as Zaph dingbats or Wingdings to access checkboxes.

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