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I want to move my Journaling Mailbox to a seperate database on the same server. What are my steps in getting this accomplished? I was not sure if I could just move the mail box to the new database without causing the journaling to stop working. Mailbox size is sitting at 80 gig.

Exchange 2010 SP1

Single Backened server with a Edge Server to process outgoing mail.
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There's nothing magical about a journaling mailbox. A mailbox move will get it from one DB to another, however obviously mail won't flow to it while this is in process.

I'm not in a place to look it up (yay commuting!) but you might want to look at how a single mailbox restore works; this might allow you to restore the journaling mailbox from backup and get the new messages into it by disconnecting the original account from it and reconnecting to the resorted mailbox.
Rodney BarnhardtServer Administrator

Another question that may need to be answered first. Do you use any type of archiving product for the journal mailbox. Symantec, SourceOne, etc. That can also have an impact on what you do.


We are just using Symantec Backup Exec to write the DB's to Tape. I will just need to add the Journaling Database to the current Exchange Backup Set.

Doing the Mailbox restore may be a faster option as well.

Thanks for the input.

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