Cisco ASA 5510 Dual ISP Active Standy

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I am tasked with configuring two Cisco ASA 5510's as active\standby devices. That task seems relatively straight forward. The question I have is how to split the two ISP's between both devices. I'm thinking that this can be done somehow with a switch between the ISP's and the ASA's, although not sure how. I have an HP procurve 3500yl that I can use for this if its possible. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Configure BGP on ASA will help you out where to share the routes between both of the ASA i suggest you to use IBGP (Routing).
A clustered ASA 5510 can do active/passive failover with state between the two ASAs

The dual ISP capability on the ASA 5500 series is for connection failover not connection loadbalancing.

I would create a VLAN for each ISP on the switch and then present each ISP connection to each switch, wither on a hardware port, or on a VLAN sub interface. Both ISp connection will then be connected to both ASAs at the same time, but only the active ASA in the cluster will pass traffic.

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