dhcp in a vlan envirnment using a single 2003 server

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what is the process for setting up dhcp to support multiple vlans with different scopes.
at present i have x1 2003 server with a scope and i have just added scope. i cannot test until later in the week when i can change the default gateway to be the core switch (to ensure dhcp packets can return to correct path). but does simply making the new scopes for new range allow this to function

for example vlan 10 has ip of so in theory any clients devices requesting an ip from this vlan should get routed to the dhcp using the ip-helper address i setup.

also hwo does the dhcp server know which vlan the dhcp request has come from for example if say a device connected to port A1 on the switch requests an ip but is possibly untagged on vlan1, tagged vlan 10, tagged vlan 20. how will it know that say the desired ip address is for the scope/range which vlan 10 is on?
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So just to make sure. DHSP server has access to both vlan 10 and vlan 20.

You need to have ip -helper for each vlan to point to the dhcp server and have a scope for each vlan sub net created make sure to have correct router and gateway.

So make sure each svi on your core switch say  has an ip helper for  10.10.X.X dhcp server
and svi for core switch has an ip helper for  10.10.X.X dhcp server
Should be easy.

Let me know if it works for you
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