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Is there anyway to easily delete the thousands of sync issue entries that are created in Outlook (when using Exchange)?  This seems to be a common issue with Outlook and Exchange and in most cases I have users with Sync Issues in the thousands (I have over 15k right now myself).  I thought maybe I just had Exchange configured with issues, but these are clients on different hosted servers and some are using hosted exchange providers, so I am convinced this is just common.

So to delete these entries takes hours to CTRL-A and then Shift-Del to delete them for good.  It locks up the computer during that time and if you are lucky it deletes them for a few days.

I see errors in the following folders..

Sync Issues (15923)
- Conflicts (72)
- Local Failures (1)

So deleting 15923 messages is almost not possible with ease.  

What is the best and easiest solution to cleanup these folders?
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you can stop the sync errors on the outlook
Key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ Software\Microsoft\Office\14.0\Outlook\Options
DWORD: EnableConflictLogging

0 = Never save Modification Resolution logs
1 = Always save Modification Resolution logs
2 = Save Modification Resolution logs when a "critical conflict" occurs
<This is the new Default behavior when the EnableConflictLogging dword does not exist.>
I have just deleted the folders themselves. Dont think its caused any issues or least havent heard of any problems from doing so.
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AS sync Issues are usually recorded when in Cached Exchange mode
You could simply recreate the user profile, without Cached Exchange Mode on

A new profile should be created with out the Sync Issues folder


Cache mode is pretty much required these days if you want to work in offline mode, otherwise you would get more complaints from users from non-caching than you would from the sync errors, especially when your Internet or provider goes offline for any moment.

I tried the reg change, but that might only resolve the modification logs but it seems by biggest offended is the 'synchronization log:' emails.

apache, are you saying that if I start without cached mode, then since the folders will not exist, that if I go back and turn cache on then it will not create the folders?
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If Creating a New User Outlook Profile.
IN theory Yes

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