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We currently have a bonded T1 (2 x 1.5mb) line for our entire staff.  We have a DSL line that is used only for a fail over.  We want to use this DSL connection for about 2 to 5 devices in the IT department.  We are wondering if there is anyone out there that has configured their network to use two separate / divided internet connections.

We have cisco 2960 switches, cisco asa5510, separate VLANs for static devices, workstations, wireless access, and IP phones.

Any help would be appreciated.
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We have 2 Internet connections: A 20/20 line for "important stuff" and VIP users; and a Comcast cable modem 22/5 line for everything else.  I've set it up so basically anyone using DHCP to get an IP address is on the Comcast line.  Any user or device (including servers) with a static IP uses the 20/20 line.  I have a separate firewall for each.  The users on DHCP have a default gateway IP of Firewall #1 LAN Port.  The users on the 20/20 line have a default gateway of the IP of Firewall #2 LAN Port.

This has worked out pretty well for us.  It's not very intelligent or high-tech but it's effective and works.

I've also set up the firewalls for auto failover in case one or the other of the lines goes down.
I would leave everything alone with this exception:

Turn off DHCP on the ADSL router.
Manually enter the ADSL router IP address as the default gateway for the computers you want to use that path.  This probably requires that you manually enter the IP addresses on those computers but that should be easy for you.

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