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Hello programmers.  I have a 2010 spreadsheet that has a column with currency values from $0 and up.  I would like to count the maximum number of times the value $0 occured concurrently before a value greater than $0 occurred.  Please see attached simple one column spreadsheet.  For example, row 2 thru 4 equals 3 and row 10 thru 11 equals 2, so I want in a separate cell, "Max Number of times $0 occurred concurrently", the number 3.  If it's possible.  Thank you.
Row 1: $80.00
Row 2: $0.00
Row 3: $0.00
Row 4: $0.00
Row 5: $87.00
Row 6: $122.00
Row 7: $108.00
Row 8: $62.00
Row 9: $20.00
Row 10: $0.00
Row 11: $0.00
Row 12: $22.00
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If you can afford a helper column then it will be very easy.

Enter this formula in B2 (or any other cell in row 2) and copy it down.


Then you can pick up the maximum of that column.


This will work.  Thank you.
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