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Hi does anyone know of a good tool for writing a web page in HTML?
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Abhijeet RananawareWeb & Mobile Developer
Dreamweaver is one of the most popular paid ones. I used Komodo Edit for classes at my University and found it quite helpful. It's also used for much more than just HTML/XHTML. It can also be used for PHP, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, Perl, Tcl, CSS 3.

Download link:
Top Expert 2013
If you actually want to be able to understand what you are doing, the use a good text editor with syntax highlighting like programmer's notepad.  It is the only tool I use.

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i have used the following the write html for significant periods (and css and js) and recommend any of them, they all have different strengths and weaknesses:

- Notepad++
- Komodo Edit
- Netbeans
- Eclipse

Well those are the free ones.
Currently I use Netbeans for most everything - falling back to Notepad++ occasionally.
Tony van SchaikFront-end Developer
If don't want to spend any money, than Aptana Studio is a good one, you can also develop other stuff with it, like Ruby on Rails, Mobile, Adobe Flex, you can add SVN (version control) to it and the best part is, it's totally free, i use that tool besides Dreamweaver/Visual Studio/Notepad++.
yes aptana, forgot about that one, that's a great one too - i have run that as an eclipse plugin.
Here i am using Aptan Studio 3

which is Free to use ...
I use EditPlus. It's shareware - only about $30. It does syntax highlighting, which is important if you want to learn how to code.

This is the only one I use because I like the way it preserves your indenting in word wrap. None of the others I've seen do this properly. This makes it much easier to read your code!

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