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Hello.  I am new to MS exchange.  I am getting ready to install MS exchange 2010 and have a question about the domain name.  I need to have the exchange domain that people send mail to different then our internal active directory domain.  Is this possible?

Example.  Our internal active directory domain is  but I need our email to be

Do I need to rename our active directory?
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James HIT Director
No, you can have your internal AD to use whatever name. That has no bearing on your "external" domain name.


Great news.  Do I need to make sure I specify this during setup?
Your internal will be fixed, generally xyz.local for me.  Your extenal can be what you setup,  

If you do have a and an  you can do so.

I'm guessing, but you might be coming from an SMTP setup.  Your can also retrieve external mail, such as an smtp address from to your internal bidgaget@xyz.local address.  You can also map other address to the one. can also reciend mail for

Exchange 2010 is a very robust system.  You might find these handy plaes to check out.

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