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EIGRP redistribute static EIGRP

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I have a layer 3 access switch connected via a routed link to a  layer 3 distribution switch.  I have built two svi's for vlan 2 and 3 on the access switch.  I can create routing for vlan 2 and 3 using two different methods:

method 1)  on the access switch:  create svi's for vlan 2 and 3 and then enable routing and eigrp with corresponding network statements on the access switch.  

method 2)  
on the access switch:  create svi's for vlan 2 and 3.  Setup a default route pointing to the routed interface of distribution switch.
on the distribution switch:  use the command "redistribute static route map static-into-eigrp".  then create static routes for each vlan 2 and vlan 3 pointing to the access switch.

It appears that method 1 above is easier to administor.  Is there any reason to use method 2?

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Is there any reason to use method 2?

You don't want to exchange routing protocol information between the distribution switch and the access switch. Or the access switch doesn't support EIGRP.