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Hi Experts,

Dim strDouble As String = "0" & "." & "01"

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The code above simply is stored with three strings, the first and the last values are number and in between is a decimal point.

So according to the code when I print the message I get the value of 0.01.

But I ran the same code on a different computer and I got the result as 1, that is because I developed the code from a US and UK keyboard settings.

But the other computer that I deployed the application on was using European (Dutch keyboard), which instead of a decimal point '.', it uses a comma ','.

Now that I have built the application and has almost a hundred locations on the code with a decimal point. But the users will be using a English keyboard or the Dutch keyboard settings at their own needs . How can I solve this problem to make sure that, even on different language or keyboard settings that my code works as it should be.

Thanks in advance.
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use this to print your value:-

string cultureName = 
            CultureInfo.CurrentCulture.Name.Substring( 0, 2 ) == "nl" ? 
                "en-US" : "nl-NL";
        CultureInfo culture = new CultureInfo( cultureName );

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You would need to change the statement

Dim strDouble As String = "0" & "." & "01"


Dim strDouble As String = "0" & CultureInfo.CurrentCulture.NumberFormat.numberdecimalseparator & "01"


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