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I have just setup some third party monitoring on all the interfaces of my cisco ASA 5550 firewall in order to monitor the bandwidth of all the interfaces.   The monitoring has performed an auto discovery and it has picked up on the 'internal-data0/0' and 'internal-data1/0' interfaces.     The interfaces are now being monitored for bandwidth usage with threshold notifications preset to warn me if bandwidth exceeeds 85Mbps.  I know all of the other physical interfaces are 1Gbps capable so I would like to set the thresholds near this limit but not sure on what I should be doing for the 'Internal-data" interfaces.  Can someone shed some light on what these interfaces are for and what there bandwidth limitations are?

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From Cisco:

IF MIB Output Changes

SNMP was enhanced to show information about all physical interfaces and logical interfaces, including internal interfaces; a nameif command is no longer required to display the interfaces using SNMP.

For example, the ifPhysAddr output now includes the MAC addresses of switch ports on the ASA 5505; before, only named VLAN interfaces were shown with a MAC address of 0:0:0:0:0:0.

You might see information about the following internal interfaces:

•Null0—Not currently in use.

•Internal-Data or Internal-Control—Internal interfaces for communicating with SSMs or SSCs.

•_internal_loopback—The loopback interface.

•Virtual—Used for phone proxy media termination functions.


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