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How do I check if echo (tcp/udp) services is running?
Also, what is a clean way of using chsubserver to comment out and stop echo services  in inetd.conf?
Finally, is this syntax correct to comment out echo in inetd.conf (if, there is no way to use chsubserver command)? sed 's/^echo/#&/'
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1) Check

lssrc -ls inetd |grep echo

lssrc -t echo

The latter command will say "active" even if just one of the two possible protocols (tcp resp. udp) is enabled.


chsubserver -d -v echo-p tcp -r inetd
chsubserver -d -v echo-p udp -r inetd

inetd is refreshed (this is what "-r inetd" is for)

3) Correct, but since AIX's sed cannot edit files in place you must use a temporary file inbetween:

sed 's/^echo/#&/' /etc/inetd.conf >/tmp/inetd.conf.tmp && mv /tmp/inetd.conf.tmp /etc/inetd.conf

Here you must restart inetd explicitly for the changes to take effect:

refresh -s inetd


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