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Hello Experts,

I've just completed my cv to apply for positions as a Cisco Network Engineer.

I've Googled sites looking for help with cover letters specific to Network Engineers, but all I can find are generic cover letters.

I was wondering if any of you engineers can provide links to where I can find cover letters for us Cisco Engineers? :-)


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Senior infrastructure engineer
Top Expert 2012
Well cover letters are a way of introducing your self, so it's highly personal. It explains why you are the right person for the job and gives reasons why they should hire you and not anybody else.
So the best thing to do is to get a generic one as an example and taylor it so it describes you. Most companies know how the generic examples look like so be creative! Just sending in a slightly modified letter isn't the way to be succesfull ;)

Good luck with applying :)


Great advice.

Cheers mate.
Ernie BeekSenior infrastructure engineer
Top Expert 2012

Always glad if I can help :)

Thx 4 the points.

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