How to make Screensaver for domain?

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I'm wanting to make a standard screensaver for everyone on our domain. I have 4 images I want to use in a gallery rotation type screensaver.

Doing a Google search I found out you have to use a compiler to make a .scr file

Any idea where I can get a free compiler to make one quickly for our domain?

I know where the setting is at in group policy to force a screen question is can I just put the. scr on our file shares so I don't have to install the .scr file on every single computer? Also is there a way in GP to make it so the users can change it if they want to? Just like a "preference" like you can do for Internet settings?

EDIT: We have SBS 2011
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If you have Google's Picassa, this has an option built in to create screensavers.  Alternatively, use Flickr's Screensaver program, from, which lets you do the same.

Now, regarding the using of the screensaver once it is created, the easiest thing to do is edit the group policy so that the screensaver is copied from the fileshare when a user logs on (if it has not already been copied), setting it as the default.  This will not prevent the user from changing it should they wish to.




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