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Access 2003:  Reports - Grouping

mytfein used Ask the Experts™
Hi EE,

Can you help me with grouping on a report, please?

Just need a separator line when student's id changes.

2 rows can appear for a student:

MA - mailing address row
PR  - permanent address row

below is a test mdb

Please can you explain the steps as to how you grouped by student....

tx for your help, sandra
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The problem is with your group, sort, and total settings.  Right now you have the ID as fifth on your list of groups/sorts, move it first and I believe you get what you want.  Or at a minimum move the group on ID above the address_type.


Hi Master Jojo,

moving the id up to the first field solved the problem

in fact, i now moved the name info into the id header, so that only the address information
duplicates in the detail area...

tx again, s
Glad I could help.