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Hi All,

Ok, pretty sure this is straight forward, but i can't work it out.

Within myscript.php how do i create a folder in /admin/images


I thought it would be this;

mkdir("/admin/images/".$user_id, 0777);
chmod("/admin/images/", 0777);

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...but it returned;

Warning: mkdir() [function.mkdir]: No such file or directory
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You are probably missing the path

mkdir("/path/to/my/dir", 0700);


Is there a way to work out the path.  As i tried the root of the webserver, but guess it should be different when referencing it locally.
If you have SSH access you can find your webroot by searching for your domain and You may get a glimpse of the path by connecting to / via ftp.

which mkdir
Above establishes the path of the command if that's the issue.

The webroot path may be something like this

Linux with Plesk:

Be sure to replace "domain.tld" with your actual domain name.

Linux with cPanel:
Senior Platform Engineer
Try something like:

mkdir($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . "/admin/images/" . $user_id, 0700);

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