Lotus Domino server ran out of space!

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My Lotus Domino R5 ran out of disk space.

How can I move all or a couple of databases to a new storage?

Or how do i move the whole data directory?

Please this is very urgent!
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Turn off the domino service, and then simply copy the data you want to another location.

You can use a dir  redirect file to access the other data, or you can copy all of it to a new drive, and then go into the notes.ini and change the setting for the data dir.

I hope this helps !
Sjef BosmanGroupware Consultant

Running out of disk space can be a disaster, for some databases, especially when they are replicated with another server: documents might be lost or even duplicated, and conflict documents might pop up all over the place. Make sure that you isolate the server before restarting it, and that you repair all databases before enabling replication again. But if you don't replicate...

R5? Still running? What a system!!

PS The rest of the world should be on R8.5.3 by now...  ;-))
some immediate space savings can be had by removing full text indexes (directories which have the same name as a db and end in .ft)

make sure you have a good backup and preserve the ones you have until now in case you need to restore a damaged database.

For the future: IBM/Lotus have made great advancements in using less space, the best one being DAOS. Consider upgrading to the latest version and reap the benefits of modern server software.


We are about to move to a new server. In the meantime we were able to add some temporary additional space... This week we will update you on this.

Sjef BosmanGroupware Consultant

I hope you can upgrade too. ;-)

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