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Vmware VSphere 5.0 CPU Config

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The new VMware VSphere 5 has options for CPU socket and cores. Are there performance differences between running 4 sockets at 1 core each or 1 socket at 4 cores? Trying to figure out whether I need to change my CPU settings on my servers.
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no performance difference, new configuration was included if you have specific license requirements within the VM for cores.

unless you have specific licensing requirements as defined by your vendor, I would recommemd just assign virtual sockets.

1 vCPU still equals a core on the physical host.

4 socket at 1 core or 1 socket with 4 core will essentialy get you the same number of cores ie 4 cores. But you need to set the number of vCPU and cores/socket correctly to acheive this.

The below link will provide info on how to do the calculations: